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Efficient executive team

2014-11-6 17:28| publisher: manager| Views: 987| Comment: 0

In order to develop enterprise culture, rich employees amateur cultural life, Enhance staff team ‘s consciousness and mutual aid, further enhance the execution of the team, raise awareness of the execution of personnel, build efficient execution team, AUPO invited professional training institutions to implement the training team executions. Through professional training and a rich set of team activities, AUPO cultivates staffs’ new thinking, team identity and courage to overcome difficulties, so as to inspire a higher work enthusiasm and fighting innovation power. Our team has become more united.       
For a long time, AUPO adheres to the "people-oriented" business philosophy. Cultivate enterprise culture, Reflect humanistic care. Arouse the employees' enthusiasm; strengthen the communication between the employees. To provide staff with creative work platform and help employees to realize self value. Then it comes a highly professional, professional, dedicated staff team